am 09. und 12. Juli 2020
Noch 99 Tage bis zum Open Air Festival
Cut 'n' Bass Cut 'n' Bass
Afrobeat, Electronic
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Cut n Bass are a Live ethnic electronic trio, a rare musical metropolis emerging out of Tel Aviv’s underground scene. With their live show they are set out to combine organic grooves with the machine, their mid eastern and african roots with the club culture of city life. The unconventional lineup has a heavy drum beat, bass, synths, samples and cutting edge sound effects.
Leader Alon Carmelly was born in New York and grew up in Tel Aviv. In 1999 he returned to New York where he regularly played Jazz and Salsa clubs and was trained by New York’s finest such as John Patitucci. In 2008 he toured Europe for 4 years with “the Apples” (nu-Funk band out of Tel Aviv) and Recorded an album in Peter Gabriel’s Studio in the UK. Cut n Bass was formed in 2011 in order to explore groove based, spontaneous electronic music and since played every major festival in Israel.

Flüssige und feste Nahrung
und jede menge Fun
bei Hamm direkt am Rhein
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