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Strange Bones Strange Bones
Alterantive Rock, Punk Rock
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Blackpool based three piece, Strange Bones recently completed work on their debut EP entitled, ‘God Save The Teen’ which is out through Cobalt on April 21st.  The EP was recorded at Studio 606, the Foo Fighters headquarters in Los Angeles on the legendary Sound City recording desk.  It was produced by Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett and mixed by Dan Lancaster (Bring Me The Horizon).

The band comprise of brothers Brothers Bobby (22) and Will Bentham (24) and have been making a musical racket since they were in nappies. By the time they’d hit double figures, life was about two things: skateboarding and punk rock. Their parents were to thank. Mum was in a psychobilly band and Dad a documentary filmmaker. A decade ago the soundtrack in the house wasn’t Arctic Monkeys and James Blunt, it was The Briefs, The Cramps and Rancid. 

Fully immersed in the close-knit alternative scene in the North West, they’d take the boys to punk/ska/hardcore weekenders. ‘Spud’ (drummer Stuart Newburn, 26), their mate from the local skatepark, would come along, too. Inspired by what they saw, it was only a couple of years before they found themselves on the line-ups – making pals with bands three times their age. 

You can hear that angst on the God Save The Teen EP  –  the title track being a cheeky attack on the irrelevance of the monarchy.   A healthy dose of fury, sure, but it’s all served with an anarchic wit, razor-sharp sneer and a toothy grin. Like the politicised fun of bands like Black Flag, Mclusky, and, more recently, Slaves. Basically, bands who say it like it is. 

All of which puts Strange Bones in a unique position – they’re a British rock band in 2015 with something to say.

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