am 10. und 11. Juli 2020
Noch 213 Tage bis zum Open Air Festival
Pink Cigar Pink Cigar
Glam Rock 'n' Roll
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This is it. This is the band the world has been screaming for. Pink Cigar. Straight outta London. Rock ‘n’ Roll for 2015 and beyond in it's highest calibre. It's strong, it's real, it's exciting and it's happening right now. '’A band ready to change the World’' Uber Rock Whiplash Jackson the Frontman, the Pistol from Bristol. Hands down the best in the game with his animal voice and powerhouse ferocious performances. You'll never meet anyone like him ever because there is no one like this man on earth. You got Edd Whyte Guitarist and Singer, the unruly one they call the black bomber. A Rock ‘N’ Roll live wire on stage and off the most mysterious man since Houdini. Churning out world class riffs and belting out songs that make you wanna crash your car to full speed. Let me introduce you to Sam Rutland, a man of many colours and talents. Thumps that bass all night long with angel voice harmonies giving a sweet tone to all Pink Cigar's song. Not to mention his pretty boy face and his taboo breaking style that keeps all the girls knocking. Sid Mother Fucking Mayall, what can I say? The original bad boy keeps it real at the back with his no nonsense drumming that has the kids marching to. Pure composure and authority on the skins. Half the reason why Pink Cigar sound so massive. ‘’Championing 70s Grime through a young voice. Louche but spiky, with a smoky troubadour edge and sassy grooves which suggests warmer sophistication. Dirty Stuff.’’ Classic Rock Magazine Following the release of their highly acclaimed debut LP, ‘We’re Gonna Get You Out of Here’ at the end of 2013 the band vanished into obscurity and stopped what they were doing to the shock of everyone, but came thundering back in 2015 with a bang to everyone's delight. This year has been about constant touring of the UK, Europe, festivals, recording in Mick Jones's studio for their upcoming EP which is due out early 2016. They fly to New York City on the 26th of November to play 7 dates and to reek absolute havoc Pink Cigar style in the big apple.
It's been one hell of a ride for Pink Cigar and they have the scars to prove. Stabbings, Lawsuits, homeless and break ups. They have channelled the pain and struggle into something positive, which is their music and energy. That's why they have the kids going crazy for them because it's real. ''Everything about them is sensual, sexual, genuine. They offer themselves to their audience and it feels good. There is no holding back and there is no cliché, they have the potential to be a big thing'' Super Jam They're not messing about. They're on a mission and it won't be stopped. Playtime is over and they are here to claim what they believe to be theirs... the world. They have the songs, they have the look, and they most certainly have the attitude to do it. SUCK IT

Flüssige und feste Nahrung
und jede menge Fun
bei Hamm direkt am Rhein
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