am 09. und 12. Juli 2020
Noch 139 Tage bis zum Open Air Festival
Frankie & the Voola Band feat. Cherrie Charlemain Frankie & the Voola Band feat. Charlemain
R íní B, Soul, Black Music

Frankie "J" Salazar : Drums & Vocals
Born in San Diego California. Started playing drums at 13, performing at car shows, weddings, and parties through high School. During that time performing with a local group The Insights opened for Mr. Dynamite James Brown in San Diego Stadium one of my greatest moments playing.
Then began playing drums professionally at 16 at two local nightclubs Jazz Ville, and Market Street East performing with such artists as T-Bone walker, Peaches and Herb as well as opening for acts like Jackie Wilson, Jimmy Smith. Later also performing with Bobby “Blue” Bland and Johnny “Guitar” Watson. Moved to Las Vegas to work in a Westside club called Sugar Hill and doing after hour gigs backing people like Sammy Davis Jr. and the 5th Dimension. During the late sixties joined the group L.T.D in New York and moved to New Jersey, I performed that year opening for Curtis Mayfield, Big May belle, Maxine Brown & Jimi Hendrix. Returning to California and later playing in nightclubs before joining The Jimmy Witherspoon group and touring. In 1976 joining the Edwin Star Group and Touring Europe in 1979 and performed on the Marvin Gaye Tour 1980 and finally settled in Germany in 1981. Current projects Charlemain & Band, Jan Herrington, Frankie & The Voola Band, Diedra Jones Brothers In Groove Band, and Rodgau Jazz Big Band

Kevin Duvernay : Bass & Vocals

Kevin Duvernay was born on 17 Jan. 1962 in Tacoma Washington a city near Seattle. As with most musicians Kevin’s interest in music goes back to his adolescent years. After receiving a playschool record player from his mother for Christmas he went through the well-assorted family record collection, which had everything from Blues, Jazz, Big band, R&B, Soul, Ethnic music and a touch of comedy.
At the age of ten one of his favorite recordings was a Louis Armstrong record, which inspired him to start playing the Trumpet. After a few years of Elementary School Band he grew bored with the Trumpet. Finding new love in an old acoustic guitar, which was lying around at his aunt Jackie's house, he spent hours plucking away at Motown and Stax bass lines thinking he was playing guitar.
In 1976 a neighbor’s kid who played drums in an R&B band checked out Kevin’s natural talent and asked him to fill the slot as bassist, which was about to become free.
Too young to play in clubs the band was limited to school functions, weddings and parties.
In 1983 Kevin came to Europe with the military. Yearning to play again he formed a group with other military musicians playing occasionally in small clubs around the base.
In 1986 He decided to leave the military to pursue a musical career.  First playing in several soul and fusion groups that performed locally.  Then landing a three-year gig in a local Jazz club. It was during this time when he was introduced to Tommie Harris.
This introduction was the key factor in launching Kevin’s career, not only did he learn just about everything from Tommie, but the two later went on to be one of the most respected rhythm sections in Germany.  Another very important person in Kevin’s career was the "Mellow Blues lady" Maisha Grant † who encouraged him to start singing.   

P.C. Bryant : Guitar
Patrick C.Bryant is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter who was born in Paris and grew up in New York City. He is known for his powerful and energetic stage performance.  His rhythmic guitar style and vocal skills have been employed by artists such as Ben E. King, Sidney Youngblood, Ofra Haza, Pat Klipp, Joan Faulkner and Tommie Harris. When performing with his own band, he plays a wide variety of blues, soul oriented pop music, R & B, and jazz. His repertoire includes interpretations of well known and slightly obscure classics, as well as his own exciting compositions.

Brian Anderson : keyboards & Vocals
Brian K. Anderson, in der Motown City Detroit (Michigan) geboren, lernte bereits mit 4 Jahren Klavier und Orgel spielen. Seinen ersten großen Auftritt hatte er mit 7 im Twenty Grand Club in Detroit, wo auch Künstler wie Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Nancy Wilson, Marvin Gaye und The Supremes auftraten. Im kommenden Jahrzehnt folgten zahlreiche Auftritte in Jazz- und Soulbands, sowie Gospelgruppen.
In den achtziger Jahren übersiedelte der Jazzpianist nach Deutschland und setzte seine Solokarriere in Europa fort. Durch seine vielen Konzerte traf er Künstler wie Oscar Peterson, George Benson, Karl Keaton und weitere namhafte Künstler.
2001 hatte er sein Fernsehdebüt mit einer Nebenrolle als Barpianist in dem Film „Ein Alptraum von 3,5 Kilo“ mit Jonathan Kinsler. Im Herbst 2006 spielte er in dem Gospelmusical ‚A Touch Of Heaven’ die Rolle des Ray Charles. Weiter Aufführungen des Musicals folgen im Herbst 2007.
Mit seinem hinreißendem Klavierspiel und seiner einzigartigen Stimme fasziniert Brian K. Anderson das Publikum und lässt es dem Alltag entfliehen.

Cherrie Charlemain Cherrie Chalemain
coming soon

Flüssige und feste Nahrung
und jede menge Fun
bei Hamm direkt am Rhein
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